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Right shade is a construction company, we specialise in home building / Architectural and Interior designing with factory finished products that is trusted by hundreds of our clients from years now. We are dedicated to delivering quality, affordable homes that are built with love and care in our community of Bangalore. Your trusted home builder and interior designer in Bangalore. Transform your home with a click, and finally get the look you want! 





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After looking around for a good construction company, I found this one. The company seems to have the best reputation, good history and a great list of completed projects to their name. The company offers a wide range of services, including interior design and decor, building construction and renovation, as well as general home maintenance. The rates seem to be reasonable, too. I'm happy with the service so far.

Mr. Yeshwant

I was looking for a building contractor for a renovation project for my home and I found this. Seems like a good building contractor based on initial discussions. Rates seems to be reasonable and the quality of finish on completed projects seems ok. I will update my notes on the project once it is complete.

Mr. Pradeep Firangi Business Analyst , Gieom

We were looking for a good building contractor in Bangalore and found this company. We liked their portfolio and the way they conduct their business. We gave them a shortlist of projects and they were able to take up one of the projects. They were able to complete the project within the time frame as promised and the quality was satisfactory. I would recommend this company if you're looking for a good construction contractor in Bangalore.

Mr. Sanjay Venkatesh HR , HCL Technologies

I got in touch with this contractor in Bangalore after a friend told me that he was building a house with them. They seemed like a good contractor, so I got in touch with them. They were able to give me a quote for the type of house I wanted to build. I was a little surprised when I saw their prices, but I trust my friend, so I went with them. The work was completed within the agreed timeframe and at the quoted price. I am happy with how the house looks and I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a good builder in Bangalore.

Mr. Naveen Kumar Gayathri Engineering , Chairman

I have used this company for a lot of projects like building construction, interior construction and also for developing residential property. They were able to deliver the best quality of work and were really friendly with the customers. They helped us a lot while buying materials, pointing out the best options and giving us the best possible prices.

Mr. Syed DIlip Technical Head , VK Digital Services

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